Industrial Machinery Services in Vaughan

Matcom industrial machinery moving

Matcom represents some of the world’s leading lines of hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication and pump systems available. Our inventories of industrial products guarantee prompt delivery of assembled units and spare parts at a competitive price.

Matcom also designs and builds custom hydraulic power units and lubrication systems while implementing new energy saving technologies, brand named components, and maintenance friendly layouts while still producing optimal output performance.

Industrial Machinery Moving

In a plant or factory environment, malfunctioning of machinery can mean the loss of productivity and revenue. Our machinery repair and maintenance division will work diligently and around the clock to tend to all your machinery moving needs.

Industrial Services

Matcom is a seasoned expert in hydraulic components and systems. We are comfortable dealing in a fast-paced, high-output plant or factory environment, it’s critical that you have a company you can rely on for timely, professional, and cost effective services.

Industrial Mechanical

Whether you need a complete filtration system or a single valve, hose or fitting, Matcom has access to all major brand filtration parts and accessories. We specialize in knowing what products are right for you and which ones will be the most effective for your industrial needs. 

Warehousing & Logistics

Matcom owns and operates large specialized machinery warehouse. Matcom’s warehousing and logistics department is fully equipped and spacious enough for all your storage needs. Matcom’s onsite support makes sure everything is readily available.