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Matcom is committed to providing quick, efficient and effective industrial services. We specialize in economical turn around when it comes to every project we undergo. We stand by our quality of service and are proud of our ability to diminish our customers wasteful downtime. In a plant or factory environment, malfunctioning of machinery can mean the loss of productivity and revenue. Avoiding downtime is something Matcom fully understands. Our machinery repair and maintenance division will work diligently around the clock to tend to your every need.

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Machinery Repair – Immediate Response, Fast Turnaround

When an industrial machine breaks down or needs repair, time is of the essence. You need an immediate resolution to your problem, and Matcom is uniquely positioned to supply the solution. Our dispatch is available 24/7 to respond to your every need. We do everything we can to provide you with the technical expertise you require, whenever you need it.


Industrial Machinery Rebuilds and Upgrades

Old machinery can slow down production, waste power and pollute the environment. Older industrial machinery also requires more attention, more frequent repairs and sometimes even a complete overhaul. Matcom’s repair and maintenance crew are familiar with all major equipment brands. We have the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot problems and make on-the-spot repairs. When a repair becomes too expensive or uneconomical, we have the solution. Here at Matcom we have developed expert relationships with OEMs that enable us to offer replacements or upgrades to your equipment, at the best prices.


Teardowns and Reinstallations

A teardown or reinstallation can be a difficult undertaking. Matcom is here to help; we can make your teardown or reinstallation a smooth process. We can assist you at your convenience, whether that is during a weekend or during scheduled off time. With our millwrights, riggers and project managers working as a cohesive group, we can complete your project in a specified timeframe that accommodates your needs. This way production is not interrupted for even a moment longer than what is necessary.

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Matcom specializes in designing systems that you can count on. We design systems to suit the specific application required by our customers for their unit or controls. We will always provide the highest quality systems that are designed and manufactured using brand name components and highly trained experts. These services are provided worldwide as we are a member of the Specialized Carrier and Rigging Association.