Certified and Experienced Structural Welders

The Matcom team is comprised of certified and experienced structural welders who have the necessary expertise to weld both stainless and carbon steel. Adept in all areas of light structural fabrication, we are able to design, build, install and customize:

  • Specialty frame and structure mezzanines
  • Platforms
  • Stairs, catwalks, ladders and grading systems
  • Enclosures
  • Miscellaneous steel

New or Existing Structures

Depending on your needs, you may require a fabrication team to design a new structure or to make modifications to an existing structure. Matcom’s fabrication specialists are trained, and experienced professionals who, design and modify structures according to the demands of your operation.


CWB Approved Fabrication Combined with Top-Level Safety

All the fabrication works we do are fully approved and certified by CWB. Throughout every aspect of the process, Matcom’s fabrication experts follow strict safety standards. This ensures that all workers are kept safe during and after fabrication and installation. Most of the fabrication work that we undertake has a common fundamental purpose: to keep facilities and employees safe within a plant environment.