Vaccine Clinic Warehouse - Summer 2021

Guess our Pets - Summer 2020

Guess who owns each pet! Match each numbered pet to their respective owners.  Your options are :

_____Kaity Adam     _____Mike Morrison     _____John Barton     _____Alexander McCleave     _____Phil Kelloway   _____Larry Roulston     _____MikeMcCalmont     _____Matt Rix     _____Victoria O’Neil     _____Ivan Lalic     _____Veronica Botnick     _____Greg Jones     _____Steven McKenna     _____Natasha Lewis

Koch Project - January 2020

Matcom Family Fun Day! - Toronto Argos!

Elevation 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament - Sponsored by Matcom!

End of Summer Traffic BBQ

Town Hall Meeting 2019

George's Retirement Lunch

Lift & Move - May 2019

The Christmas Party 2018!

Santafest Float Creation!

Matcom Family Fun Day!!