Blog- Coffee Chats with Project Manager Manny Flora

Manny Flora has been in the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) for half a decade, with three years at Matcom

Manny Flora

Featured Job - 15, 000 Pound Draft Fans

 Read about our rigging job below:


Blog- Coffee Chats with Project Manager John Bernardo

With 39 years of experience in the industry, John shares his best leadership advice and a reflection on his most notable projects

John Bernardo

Blog- Rethinking the Canadian produce conundrum, preserving our national food independence and security

A path towards self-sufficiency & self-reliance embarked by Canadian greenhouse farmers. Click the arrow below to read more


Blog- Matcom's Warehouse Vaccine Clinic

Matcom donates a portion of their warehouse as a COVID-19 vaccine clinic

Matcom Give us your best shot event

Blog- Mental Health Awareness

Meditation is “daily hygiene”. Click below for tips to take care of your brain. 

matcom mental health

Press Release-Tony Lamanna Wins Rigger Safety Award

Tony Lamanna (right) received the 2021 Rigger Safety Award from the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, an international organization comprised of more than 1,400 members from 46 nations. 

tony lamanna

Blog- Industry Insight

COVID-19 shifts consumer behaviour to e-commerce. Can supply chains keep up?

Blog- Matcom Attends Women to Women Symposium

Learn about the power, progress, and future of women in the workplace below

Press Release- Calling all Trade School Grads and Alumni!

Matcom is actively recruiting for students coming out of trade school. 

Blog- January 22, Working Remote Alongside the Trades

Click the arrow below for an update on our site near Ancaster, Ontario!

3d industrial plot

Blog- December 14, Matcom Gives Back

Matcom partnered with The City of Vaughan and Father Bressani’s Grade 12 class to give back during the holidays. 

toy drive 1

Blog- November 22, Matcom Finds a Creative Way to Celebrate Family Fun Day!

See how Matcom families felt connected during these times


Blog- November 10

A First Look at a Site Near Ancaster, ON

Engineers at Matcom

Blog- October 9, Our work with a Canadian Distribution Centre

Read about how Matcom provided solutions for COVID-19 restrictions

Matcom industrial machinery moving

Blog- September 11th, Amazon Comes Closer to Home

Amazon’s new fulfillment centers will bring 2500 jobs to Ontario! Click the arrow below to read our latest blog post

Canadian Press Amazon

Blog- September 4th, How We Should View Automation

Precis of “Here’s why human-robot collaboration is the future of manufacturing” by the World Economic Forum. Click the arrow below to read our latest blog post


Wayne Lefebre - Matcom's Newest Project Manager

Wayne Lefebre Brings 40 Years of Experience to Matcom. Click the arrow below to find our latest press release

Matcom Deemed Essential by Premier

Matcom, a Machinery Moving Company Located in Vaughan, Ontario Will Stay Open to Support Essential Services. Click the arrow below for our latest press release.

Matcom Building

The Installation of “waabidiziiyan doopwining” at Hart House

Matcom had the pleasure of undertaking a project at The University of Toronto. Matcom was brought aboard to help hang a piece of artwork in the celebration of Hart House 100 year anniversary. Please read about it in the article below. 

Art House

Construction In Focus: A Leader in Safety in Trades Work

Matcom was featured in the  newest edition of Construction In Focus magazine! Check out the article and see what makes us an industry leader in health and safety.


Lift & Move Coming Up North!

Matcom will be resurrecting the forgotten trades; bringing attention to an issue throughout Canada. Matcom will be holding an upcoming Lift & Move event in Vaughan, Ontario May 30th, 2019. In order to help raise awareness surrounding the need for trade workers. While the trades industry has advanced along with technology, and how interesting and fun it has become. Matcom will be holding this event with title sponsors such as Anderson Haulage and the Crane Rental Association of Ontario.


Lift and Move USA in Portland, Oregon

In early October of  2018, Matcom had the pleasure of being in attendance for a Nesscampbell’s hold of Lift and Move USA. A career fair that is meant to inspire students to take up a career in the trades industry. Nesscampbell did a fantastic job, please click the arrow below to read all about it! 


Darren Hayder Golf Tournament for MS

It was a humid and cloudy day on August 20th, 2018, at the Darren Haydar Golf Tournament. The event was being held in an effort to raise money in support of finding a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). Please click the arrow below to read all about it! 


Aliens in Teeswater?

In late July of 2018, I had the pleasure of being in attendance for a complex crane lift at the Gay Lea Foods dairy site and it truly was a sight to see. Please click the arrow below to read all about it!