Industrial Services



Matcom is considered an industry leader in the aerospace servicing industry. From equipment sensitive simulation models, to complex machining centers, to gantry mills, Matcom has tremendous experience in aerospace. Our employees are qualified and meticulous with their work. Matcom always prioritizes safety, while working efficiently to accommodate multiple users within an airport setting.



Matcom always adheres to the highest safety standards. Our project managers and dedicated crews work with specialized heavy to light stamping presses, robotic systems, assembly material handling systems and many other automotive machines. We handle all repairs and relocation procedures to minimize any unneeded pressure on our clients.


Food & Beverage

Matcom’s dedicated food and beverage team has mastered the unique demands of the industry. Working quickly, safely, and considering all sanitary precautions, our experts can install, repair and relocate a wide range of food and beverage specific machinery. Such machinery includes ovens, bottling lines, conveyors and tanks. Matcom will assist with the planning and execution of any industrial machinery solutions you require.


Print & Packaging

With Matcom’s wealth of expertise in the print and packaging industries has allowed us to develop specific procedures for the seamless installation and relocation of industrial machinery. Special care is given to your delicate and multi-sectioned machinery, while our tireless logistics team works to perfectly plan the layout of your facility inclusive of presses, corrugates, single facers, gluers, flexos and conveyors. Matcom always delivers the highest quality, most efficient and minimally disruptive industrial machinery services for the printing and packaging industry.


Plastics Industry

Matcom serves original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and a wide range of other manufacturing companies in the plastics industry. We understand the importance product quality and we never cut corners. From logistics to complete machinery service solutions, Matcom is a plastics expert.


Other Industries

Matcom has provided specialized industrial machinery solutions to a countless number of industries. Our skilled and experienced teams learn the unique demands of an industry in order to provide a service that is focused on safety, efficiently and reliability. We custom tailor our services to your needs and ensure everything is meticulously planned.