Filtration and Accessories

Whether you need a complete filtration system, single valve, hose or fitting; Matcom has access to all major brand filtration parts and accessories.

Fast and Fair Parts Sourcing

Matcom understands that when a filtration system breaks down, there are disruptions to your production. You need a company you can rely on to work quickly and efficiently to source the necessary replacement parts at competitive prices, so your business can resume its full operation as soon as possible.


Filtration Services

One of the most common causes of filtration failures is dirt inside the system. Matcom takes the time to properly assess your filtration issue and identify the source of the problem. In cases of excess dirt buildup, we provide a thorough cleaning on the spot and recommend regular maintenance to avoid dirt accumulation in the future.


Replacement Cartridges

Matcom is fully stocked with all major brand name filter replacement cartridges for grease and water systems. When you need fast cartridge replacement, we are ready to assist you and we can even provide regular replacements to stay on top of your machines’ requirements.