Who We Are

An Example of What We Do :- Moving the AVRO ARROW from the Canadian Air & Space Museum

Matcom® was founded in 1976  with the goal of offering the highest level of service and quality in the industrial solutions industry. This includes the moving, installation and relocation of industrial machinery and process equipment. From day one, our goal was to build the highest reputation in our industry by dedicating ourselves to perfection. We treat every job like the last, with precision, hard work and the respect our clients deserve. We strive to foster partnerships with all our clients and hope you will join the Matcom Family. 

We have become the company we are today by offering stress-free solutions to meet clients’ industrial machinery needs. Our service include  specialized machinery, equipment warehousing, design, pipe installation, utility services, rigging, moving, installation of new machinery, service maintenance, custom fabrication of platforms and grating.

The Matcom philosophy hasn’t changed in over 40 years. We continue to deliver on our original commitment by completing your projects on schedule, effectively, efficiently and within budget. Our reputation and our proven reliability demonstrate that our level of expertise is second to none. At Matcom, we understand that every project is important to you, and therefore, every project is equally as important to us. 

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