Health - Safety, Training & Quality

Matcom will provide a safe and healthy work environment for all workers. We are committed to the prevention of occupational illness, injury, and property damage. At Matcom safety is our top and primary priority. We work closely with everyone at Matcom to make sure that are team members are properly supported and their safety needs are met. Safety is a core part of our culture at Matcom and we go above and beyond to make sure our employees feel safe and secure.

Matcom has developed and implemented a comprehensive Health and Safety Program that all of Matcom’s employees, contractors, subcontractors and partners, follow. Our employees must observe safe working practices in all aspects of planning, design, supply, construction, operation, and administrative work.


We strive for a zero-incident workplace, Matcom always complies with government legislation and the regulations of the industry. When it comes to safety, we want to be the leaders in the industry and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Our site supervisors ensure that the requirements of our Health and Safety Policy, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations for Construction, and all other applicable legislation are met on all our job sites.

Matcom is registered with the WSIB and we carry comprehensive insurance that includes liability and automobile coverage. Matcom also provides ongoing Safety Education Programs and first aid training programs, which are approved by the WSIB.


Training is a key foundation of Matcom’s success and to developing strong meaningful careers for our team members. The Matcom team members are required to have a variety of skills and expertise; to be able to fulfill all the needs of our customers. We want to deliver the highest level of quality service to our clients as possible. 

Matcom works with all our team members to ensure that everyone has up to date training certificates and has the best opportunities to advance their own careers within the company. Matcom is proud to have an Award-Winning Apprenticeship Program as well as top quality internal cross trade training programs. All of these training programs were created to help better our staff and ultimately deliver a higher quality of service to our customers. We are committed to ensuring we provide top quality service and solutions to all.

Matcom - Team Photo - Royal Canadian Milk

Matcom is committed to giving our customers the same quality and service-focused solutions we offer ourselves. Providing a unique solution-based service has allowed us to stand apart in the industrial machinery moving industry. We are your industrial solution and we are committed to ensuring that every job is a success.  We are proud to partner with all our customers and suppliers to build a long and strong mutually successful working relationships. We focus on deploying the right skills for the right solution every time.