December Newsletter!

Christmas time has arrive! Make sure the decorations are up!  


November 2019 Newsletter!

November is upon us, the first snowfall has come! 


Fall 2019 News!

Fall is here, which means another family day has come and past!

Matcom-Town Hall 2019-82

August Newsletter!

August is here! Summer is beginning to fade… better enjoy the weather while it lasts! 

Matcom-Town Hall 2019-76

July 2019 Newsletter!

Ah July, sun is out and Matcom continues to enjoy the summer!

Matcom-Town Hall 2019-115

June 2019 News!

The summer has begun! Read all about how Matcom is enjoying the nice weather.

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May 2019 Newsletter!

May was an extremely busy month! Lots of planning for Lift & Move!


April 2019 Newsletter!

Lift & Move is near! Matcom continuing to enjoy this lovely spring weather!


March 2019 News!

Spring has Sprung, Matcom is ready for Lift & Move in May!


January - February 2019 Newsletter!

See what Matcom has be doing this past January!


December 2018 Newsletter!

What has Matcom been doing over the holidays? The December Newsletter! 

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November 2018 Newsletter!

Big changes within Matcom during the month of November, read about it below!


October 2018 Newsletter!

See what Matcom has be doing this past October!


September 2018 Newsletter!

See what Matcom has been up to this past September! 


Summer 2018 Newsletter!

Catch up on what has been happening within Matcom.