Matt Rix


Matthew has been the President of Matcom for over two years now. Matthew has over 20 years of experience in the machinery moving industry and it is truly his passion. He began working at Matcom as a Millwright when he was 18 years old and eventually worked his way up to be a Foreman. Matthew left the company a few years ago to pursue his own business, but ultimately could not stay away from the company that had given so much to him. So, when the owner of the company asked Matthew to come back to help Matcom re-brand and restructure, he could not pass on the opportunity. Matthew has been making some radical changes in the company for the better and he is quite happy with his position. So, how does the President of such a demanding and time-consuming company take a break? When asked, Matthew responded by saying that he tries to spend as much time as he can with his kids. He is a family man at heart, which is why Matcom is such a perfect fit for him.