Gay Lea - Teeswater : Complex Lift

It was a beautiful sunny Wednesday morning in Teeswater, Ontario at the Gay Lea dairy site. I had the pleasure of joining a long-standing member of the Matcom family John Bernardo on site, to visit some Matcom employees and witness a very significant crane lift. Gay Lea has recently put forward a plant expansion and decided to install several new buildings. The cones will help sift the milk and pour it into a large dryer. There was also the installation of a state-of-the-art dryer to produce different kinds of dairy ingredients for market.

The dryer was fabricated by the Matcom team and look fantastic. Its purpose is to heat the milk and create a power substance that can then be re-purposed for other dairy products. A few Matcom employees have been stationed there for the last few months helping to oversee the project and in part for the preparation of this lift. The lift was a success and both cones were dropped perfectly into their custom slots. A special mention must go out to Gareth Haynes for taking the reins and helping to lead a very successful lift.

By Alexander McCleave (Public Relations Associate)